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Showdown Update!

Some interested librarians have told me they would like to participate but would like to have until November. My teens have expressed that, with school starting, they would also like a little longer. Since Thanksgiving is really late this year, I think we can squeeze it in before the holiday madness starts.

SO! I propose that we officially schedule the Showdown. Let’s post videos November 4-8 (gives us time to bombard social media in case some libraries haven’t heard and want to participate) and open voting and comments up after that. I think we can leave voting open for a month to give time for word of mouth.

If there are no objections, I will say MAKE IT SO and start putting the word out to everyone who has ever expressed even an iota of interest.



2 responses to “Showdown Update!

  1. Hello there,
    I have been running a teen film festival in San Mateo County in CA at different libraries for 5 years now and I have found (through trial and error) that the best time for teens to hold the festival is in March or April. It is after the holidays and “ski-week/presidents’ week” break and before AP tests and finals. I know it would be pushing it back, but it would give us more time to advertise and get people involved. I’m interested in your thoughts!

    Also, I was just awarded a grant for my library system to provide movie making equipment to teens. We are piloting the program at Belmont Library and then will add equipment to two more libraries in January. We are holding our county wide film festival in March next year. As a part of the grant we will be holding Monthly Online Video Contests using YouTube and Survey Monkey to vote. If anyone is interested in getting more info, let me know!

    Kayla Figard
    Library Assistant
    Belmont Library

    • The thought process was that libraries hold festivals throughout the year, whenever is best for them, and then submit their winning films to the Showdown. Having it at the end of the year allows all the libraries who want to participate to have finished their individual festivals.

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