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Join the Showdown!

Are you a teen librarian who runs a teen film festival? Would you and your teens like to compete in a National Teen Film Fest? Comment! When the judging will happen is still to be decided. Let’s get this ball rolling. 


5 responses to “Join the Showdown!

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for contacting me. I would love to have our teens participate in the film fest. I think the best time to have it would either in September/October (right after summer) or January/February/March (after summer, holiday break). It takes a long time to make a movie, but at the same time if we advertise early, we have to keep reminding them so they won’t forget. Let me know if I can do anything to help plan!! I’ve done 4 festivals in Pacifica and have another coming up in Belmont!

    Kayla Figard

  2. coryntff

    YES! I think October is super smart. I don’t think we need a lot of planning, per se. A lot of people already do festivals, I imagine we’d just take the winning movies and run them against each other.

  3. j wells ⋅

    Rio Rancho, NM is in also. Can’t wait for more specifics, my teens were really excited when I told them.

  4. katieoflibraryland ⋅

    Hello, my teens are interested in participating in an October Film Festival, it looks like the last update was in May, any new news? Please let me know!

    • I have had a couple of people say they would like to participate but can’t until November, so I think we’ll hold it then, and I’m just now starting to really push my teens to get some movies done. I guess I should do a blog update!!

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